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Hand Crafted tables.
Allow 2-3 weeks for these hand manufactured tables.

This Page Is Being Updated. Pictures Will Be Added Soon.  You May However Still Purchase Any Item On This Page During The Updating Process.

The X Table
A Great Light Weight Table

The X Table - This is a truely beautiful side table that comes apart for easy transport. It's beautifully decorated in red and black with gold trim for a real classy look. It looks gorgeous on stage. It breaks down into three light weight easy to carry sections. but where will I put all these pieces? you may ask. Not to worry, it comes with it's own custom carrying bag. Yes, I to have had beautiful tables only to find that they get all scratched up when I put them into the car. The bag completely covers the table and has compartments for each piece to keep them from rubbing together. $59.95 post paid.   Buy It "The furniture in the background doesn't come with it"

Open Top Table - This is truely a practical Item. It's designed to sit on a tripod type base ( available for another $75.00 ). It's loaded and unloaded from the top. This means no more bending over to "fish" magic tricks out of a table. The lid hinges backwards and also functions as a good size shelf to place your magic on. Once set up it also has a nice sized area towards the front for displaying props. It holds a lot of stuff. I fit most of my act in this baby. It serves as a performance table and a suitcase for holding all my props. It's painted in black and red and finished off with white trim. There's a nice sized area on the front for placing your logo or name. The cost of this beautiful item is $105.00 post paid.    Buy It

Classic Night Club Style Table - The favorite of many performers. This serves as a performance table and a suitcase for storing your magic. It's all self contained. The pieces are all connected except for the lid. But it to is designed to attatch onto the folded down unit so there's no seperate pieces to lug around. Once open the table has a beautiful hidding area to keep your props until needed. It's hinged in such a way to allow it to break down to a very managable size that easily fits into a trunk or back seat. It's available in a clown type design also with poka-dots every where if you desire. Otherwise it's decorated in black with red trim

$205.95 post paid.   Buy It

The V Table - This is a very classy looking side table. It's decorated in black with gold trim. from the front it resembles a V shape, hence the name. It's all self contained with no extra pieces to carry around or leave behind. IT ALSO COMES WITH A CUSTOM BAG TO KEEP IT FROM DAMAGE RIDING AROUND IN YOUR TRUNK. This really looks professional on stage and will set you a part from the competition.

$59.95 post paid.   Buy It

Rabbit Out Of Hat Side Table - This is a great children's show table. It has a bright colored rabbit popping out of a top hat painted on the front. It's all self contained. Once again no extra pieces to carry or accidently leave behind. You'll just love this table. As always it comes with a bag to protect it from the wear and tear many performances will put on it.

$89.95 post paid   Buy It

Allow 2-3 weeks for hand made items listed above.