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This Page Is For Customers Wishing To Use Their Credit Card To Pay For One Of Our Programs...

Magic Of Mr. J SILVER Package - The SILVER package will keep your young audienc on the edge of their seats. It features Magic, Puppetry, and a whole lot of fun. Watch as the audience takes an active role in the entire program. Many of them will find themselves up on stage helping Mr. J perform some amazing magic. The looks on the audience faces is priceless. If this is a birthday party you'll be delighted as your special child performs magic right along with Mr. J. 
All this for only $100.00 Buy From CCNow
Magic Of Mr. J GOLD Package -  This package includes everything in the SILVER Package + the following additions. The GOLD Package features "Half Pint" the rabbit. That's right a live Rabbit, the children just love it. The best part about the rabbit is somebody from the audience makes him appear. For birthdays the special birthday child makes him appear. this program also includes the addition of other magic effect not included in the SILVER Package. Mr. J also takes the time to let each child pet the Rabbit.
All this for only $125.00 Buy From CCNow
Magic Of Mr. J & CoCo The Clown PLATINUM Package - This is not just a program but an event... It starts with CoCo the clown face painting each of the children. Then she marches the children to where the magic show will be held. For the next 45 minutes the magic show takes place which includes the rabbit. After the show is over CoCo makes a balloon animal for each of the children including a special birthday crown for the birthday child.
All this for only Buy From CCNow $225.00
CoCo The Clown show  - This show features CoCo The clown doing  a face painting for each of the children followed by  a 15 - 20 minute comedy magic show. CoCo ends by making a balloon animal for each child. Including a special balloon crown for the birthday child.
All this for only Buy From CCNow $100.00

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