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Children's ministry seminar
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Children's ministry seminar

Creative Ministries Seminar Schedule

Below is an example schedule of our Creative Ministries Seminar. If you choose to sponsor one, the schedule can be altered to meet your needs.

8:30 - Registration Opens
9:00 - Opening
9:15 - Gospel Magic
10:00 - Break Time
10:15 - Story Telling
11:00 - Simple Puppetry
12:00 - Lunch Break
1:00 - Clowning
2:30 - Balloon Animals
3:15 - Questions and Table Shopping Time
3:30-4:00 - Closing Challenge

Activity Descriptions

Balloon Animals - In this activity we show you how to use Balloon Animals to share God's love with others. You'll be shown how to make your own balloon animals and how to use them as an outreach tool. You will see a great way to visibly demonstrate the armor of God. Using balloon creations to form a mental picture that will help others remember how to use His armor in the way He intended. Last, you will be taught how to use a balloon animal in a magic trick to show people a great Bible truth that they will remember for a long time to come.

Clowning - This activity is separated into two halves. In the first half Kathleen Jeffers will start the show as a normal person, and you'll get to see what it's like to change into a clown. In the second part of this activity, you will be shown how to become a clown. The group breaks up into stations, each with its own lesson in clowning. You'll be shown juggling, balloon animals, costuming, and how to use the clown make-up (a substance that washes off easily with soap and water). You can certainly opt out of whichever stations you'd rather not try, though, and still learn a thing or two.

Gospel Magic - This activity is a fantastic way to teach. Many people are interested or simply enjoy magic, so it makes a great "hook" to capture the audience's attention.
You will learn how to present simple gospel magic tricks to present Bible truths to others; we make the gospel tricks in the class so that you can take them back for use in your own ministries. They are simple to do, yet look incredible to your audience.

Simple Puppetry - During this activity, we will show you several ways to use puppets to teach the Bible, such as with and without a puppet stage.

Story Telling - In this activity, we will show you effective ways to tell stories that illustrate the wisdom of God and His Word, much like Jesus did in his parables. Kathleen and David will show you how to use different props and costumes to add to the experience.

Dave & Kathleen Jeffers 13077 Buffalo Rd. Springville, NY 14141 (716) 592-6351