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Mr.J Ministries

Children's ministry seminar
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1. What will you say in your presentations?

   That depends on you, we can custom make our presentation to match a theme you already have or we can come with our own depending on your needs.  A typical program consist of making sure they know Jesus and encouraging those who do to be good examples to their friends.

2.  What's your fee?

   It's our policy not to turn down programs due to finacial concerns. What we do is give you a price range that we've received over the years. For single programs it's $125-$250. Week long events such as VBS or camps is $600-$2000. Depending on distance we may need help with travel expences such as gas,food and hotel, call for details.

3.  How much advance notice do you need?

   As much as you can give us. Typically groups reserve time with us up to 3 years in advance. Call us as soon as you have dates nailed down to make sure we are available

4.  How do we reserve dates with you?

   a. Call us at (716) 592-6351

   b. email us at

   c. Fill out my "let's talk about a program form"



Dave & Kathleen Jeffers 13077 Buffalo Rd. Springville, NY 14141 (716) 592-6351