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Booking Form


   1.   How do we book you? - Fill out the form on my "Booking Form" page or email me @ or call us direct @ (716) 592-6351

   2.   How much do you cost? -  Well, that depeds on how many programs you need and how many students you have. Contact us and we'll be glad to give you an exact quote.

    3.   How much advance notice do you need to secure a date? - Let me know ASAP. I perform 200-300 hundred programs each year. I turn down many dates each year due to prior bookings.

   4.   What do you need from us? - All I really need from you is a clean safe area to present  my programs. I bring everything I need with me.

   5.   How long do your programs run? -  A standard program runs bewtween 35 - 45 minutes. This can be altered to meet your exact needs.

   6.   Do you have any discounts available? - Yes, we offer discounts for multiple bookings (two or more shows back to back on the same day). We also have discounts available if you help us book other schools in your area.

   7.   What if I have more questions? -   I thought you might, just call us at (716) 592-6351 or email us @ , fill out the "Booking Form" 

Fill out the Booking  Form (just click on the link below) and we'll talk about discounts and other ways for you to save money on our programs.



Click here to fill out Booking Form

Dave & Kathleen Jeffers 13077 Buffalo Rd. Springville, NY 14141
(716) 592-6351