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Readers Are Leaders

Readers Are Leaders
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Readers Are Leaders is our most popular program.  It featurs:
  • Magic
  • Music
  • Story Telling
  • Comedy
  • Audience Participation
  • Edu-tainment ( educational info. mixed with great entertainment )

   Reading has become a tough sell these days.  Video games, tv, ipods, cell phones, and a host of other distractions are competing for their attention. As educators you know all the benifits of reading but how do we show this to the students?

   Readers Are Leaders - is desiged to solve this problem. Children are facinated by magic. This allows us to easily gain their attention. Weaved into the magic the students will discover that:

  1. Reading exercisies the mind
  2. Reading increases memory
  3. Reading helps us pay attention better in school
  4. Reading increases our knowledge - makes us smarter
  5. Reading improves our grades

    Reading a book is a fantastic adventure. My program is designed to encouarge them that their is just nothing like a good book. Let's work together to show your students that reading is where the adventure really is...

      also talk about some famous people that say reading is what made them famous. 

*** Teacher's Guide provided for discussion after my program is over.



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