Mr. J Entertainment Services
About Us

Just who are these people that offer all these services anyway? Read below to meet the people that make Mr. J Entertainment Services work.

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Our Business Philosophy

Mr.J Entertainment Services provides top quality family entertainment that creates memories that last a life time.

How It All Started

Mr. J Entertainment Services began as a little boy who got a magic kit for Christmas one year. What can I say,one thing led to another and by the time I was 18 all I could think about was magic. I tortured my parents for years showing them trick after trick. It was their encouragment that kept me going in the early years. Soon I was performing on week ends. Shortly after that I had tomany shows to keep my regular job and do magic. Adter much thought,(I think it took at least five minutes to make my decision) I decided to quit my regular job and become a full time performer. I love every second of it...


Our Employees

We're a family owned and operated company. In the picure below you see me pictured with my son, Brandon. He helps mw with many of my prgrams and is quite a performer in his own right. My wife Kathleen, is CoCo the clown. She also provide story telling. My two daughters, Rebecca and Rachael also help out from time to time. Welove what we do and can't wait to be a part of your special event.


Dave Jeffers alis Mr. J, has been performing professionally for over 15 years. He annually performs betwwen 300 to 400 shows each year. These programs have taken him and his family all over the country and into Canada. Literaly thousands of people have seen Mr. J and family in action. Put his experience to work for you at your next special event...