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Thank you for coming last month to perform for our residents and our visiting children. You have been coming here for years, so many of the residents know and look forward to your shows. The children and seniors loved that you incorporated them into the show, there was lots of laughter through out the morning. Again, thank you for continuing to brighten the lives of our our residents
Kathy Bender
These  programs are great for
Nursing Homes and Senior Centers.
Be sure to check out our testimonials page to see what other Senior groups had to say about our programs.
Celebrate The Magic Of You. This magical program features the audience as it's main ingedient. I'll make sure your seniors are involved in the program. It doesen't matter if they're confined to a wheel chair because I come right into the audience to get them involved. I use plenty of bright colorful props that are easy to see and appriciate. I also use a sound system to make sure they can hear and enjoy the program.I talk about good old fashioned family values as I perform the magic. This program is created just for seniors. The music I use is from their era so they often times sing and tap their feet to the music that brings back fond memories.  This is my most popular program that I offer and many nursing homes have me many times a year with it because the residents enjoy it so much.
A Clown is Born - Kathleen comes in and offers a program that is sure to bring smiles to your residents.  She starts out with the history of clowns.  Told in her unique way she brings theatre and fun to your center as they learn how clowns began.  She then becomes CoCo the Clown right before their eyes.  She puts on her makeup and costumes and lets them see first hand what it is like to be a professional clown.  she passes her props around and they get to feel Lambs wool and her camel hair brush.  Tey also get to feel her face all made up.  The residents love it.  She doesn't stop there she actually teaches the residents how to make a balloon animal.  It is great for thier dexterity of thier hand.  You will be amazed how quickly they catch on.  The look on thier faces when they have actually made a balloon dog is priceless.  They all come away learning something and having a great time.
CoCo the Clown - CoCo can make any event a special one at your center.  Wheather it's having a picnic or carnival or just an open house thier is nothing like a clown to spice up the event.  CoCo has colorful walk around props and does face painting and balloon animals  for all.  It adds so much to an event to add a clown.
Puppets on Parade -  This works great if your having a school or daycare class coming in to you center. The puppets are loved by children and adults alike. The seniors just love watching the children's reaction to the puppets. You'll find that these wacky puppets are able to gain and hold the childrens attention easily. As in all of our programs audience participation is a key element. We even have a magician puppet that uses a member from the audience as a helper for one of his tricks. You'll love "Puppets On Parade" it's truely a program that willbe remembered for a long time to come.
PRICING - Our standard fee is $125.00 per program. As always we offer discounts for multiple booking of 3 or more programs booked during a 12 month period. Call us at (716) 592-6351.

We've performed hundreds of programs
for seniors all over WNY