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Magic of Mr. J

~ Magic Shows By Mr. J ~
Here's the number one reason to have the magic of Mr. J at your next event. Just look at the children's faces in the picture above. The magic really keeps their attention. They're also excited because they know they could be the next one Mr.J picks to come up and help with the magic. Audience participation is one of the key elements in a Mr.J magic program. Mr.J has been seen at events all over the country. Some of these include: The Erie County Fair, AM Buffalo, Buffalo Bisons, The Channel 7 Childfare. He's also been at many of the schools, daycares,libraries and Healthcare centers in Western,NY. Give us a call and let me put my expereince to work for you at your next event...
  ~ A Clown Is Born ~
This is a program your audience will remember for a long time to come. Watch, as Kathleen puts on all that "gooeey, yuckieeee" make-up. She shows your audience exactly what it takes to become a professional clown. Kathleen also explains how clowning got started and what the different kinds of clowns are. This is a program that thrills audiences of all ages. It's been very successful for youngsters that are afraid of clowns. Kathleen's slow transformation into CoCo the clown proves to them that there is a real person underneathe all that make-up. Many day care centers and schools have her perform for just that reason...

~ Clowning by CoCo The Clown ~

CoCo The Clown is loved by children all over the country. She offers a variety of exciting services. She tells some of the most hillarious stories that you'll hear anywhere. You won't believe you eyes as the children dress up and play the parts in the stories she tells. CoCo can also teach a clowning class. Yes, your young people will learn how to become a clown. make-up, juggling, and learning how to make a balloon animal are all part of thie exciting program. A Clown is born is an exciting program that features Kathleen coming in to your facility and becoming a clown right in front of your eyes. Watch as she tells you about clown while putting on her make up and costume. This program has been very popular at daycares and nursing homes.

CoCo the Clown

Imagination Theatre presents...SAMEVILLE -
This is a story that teaches the importance of being yourself. We all know that peer presure greatly influences our young people today. This program teaches that the we don't have to be like anybody else to be acceptable. The fact is we're perfect just the way we are. Watch as I transform myself into 3 different charcaters as I tell the story of Sameville. Sameville is a place where nobody dares to be different. Everybody just acts the same as everybody else. The children's faces light up as this transformation takes place right before their eyes. In the end they learn that they need to be themselves.

Imagination Theater

~Puppet Shows~
Puppet Power is a fantastic program that children and adults alike just love. These puppets get into all kinds of trouble that the children help them get out of. These characters sing all kinds of songs that teach about important issues. Some of these issues include: What to do if you get lost. Being careful of strangers and practicing good safety rules. The children really listen to everything the puppets say. This is a great prgram that fits easily in to any teaching type atmosphere.

~ Story Telling ~

Just below is a picture of Kathleen performing some very interactive story telling. Notice the children are dressed up to act out the parts in the stories she tells. The children just love being a part of the action. You won't believe how some of them just "blossom" as they become the stars of the show. Kathleen can also perform her story telling dressed as CoCo the clown. Eaither way the children love it...

Story Telling

We offer a wide variety of programs. Many of these are educational in nature. Celebrate the magic of you is a look at just special we all are as individuals. The magic of reading, is a great program for schools, daycares, and libraries. It's a fun program that features the theme of just how important reading is. Safety is no Mystery features the importance of common sense safety rules as it's main theme. We also offer sesonal programs for holidays such as Halloween and Christmas. Given enough time we can custom design a program to meet you exact needs...

Call us today and reserve your dates. Each year I turn down many programs due to prior bookings. In fact, it's a good idea to have a couple of dates in mind when you contact us. There's a good chance we'll have to search for an open date. Please call us now while it's still fresh in your mind.

What's All This Fun Going To Cost Me?. 

I Know What You're thinking. "What do these programs cost"? To answer that I need more information from you. Just click the BOOK Mr.J LINK below and fill out the web form. I'll get back to you ASAP with a price quote.


Our services include:

***NEW FOR 2005/2006*** 

It's been our pleasure to perform at all kinds of events. Some of them include: Schools, Daycares, Libraries, Youth Centers, County Fairs, Festivals, Birthdays and many other events too numerous to mention. Call us and we'll create a
program to fit your needs...
Here is what past customers have to say
about our programs...
Magic Shows-
"The entertainment by Mr. J was one of the highlights of our Head Start Carnival. Although our children are still quite young, you were able to hold their attention for a long time. This is cetainly a tribute to your obvious connection and ability to entertain children of all ages. Not only were the children entertained but so were their parents..."
~Michelle M. Torres~

A Clown is Born -

"Kathleen arrived early and was ready to go as scheduled. She was very bubbly and her enthusiasm was catchy. The children really, really enjoyed her. She especially made friends with one little girl who was terrified of clowns. By the end of the program she did not want  CoCo to leave."
~Carol Veach~
CoCo the Clown
"CoCo was well received by everyone at the program. she was quick, entertaining and funny. She did face painting and balloon animals as well as some funny magic. everyone was having an enjoyable time . we'd love to have her perform here again."
~Donna Locker~

A Clown is Born

Imagination Theater- Sameville
"The children loved the performance. We loved the puppet and the blinds with the different houses on them. The children loved being  able to participate in the performance. The children would love to have you
back again."

Puppet Power

Puppet Shows
"We enjoyed your performance very much. You kept the kids attention and made them laugh. You also had the older kids and residents attention as well. Everyone was laughing and enjoying the show. " I guess were all kids at heart". I would love to hire you again and will refer you to people looking for good entertainment. Thank you for a great show."
~Terry Cetkovic~
Story Telling
"I want to thank you for performing at our child care center over the last ten years. Our children have loved every moment of it. Your expertise and wonderful sense of humor have kept our children and adults in stitches. Thank you for your professional and friendly entertainment. You are truly a master of your craft. Please feel free to use me as a refrence."
~ Lynn Norberg ~

Children are always involved in the program!

As you can see the audience is very much involved in our programs. We know they love to be a part of the action. You count on us to create memories that will last a life time. It's not uncomomon for young adults to coame up and tell me "I remember you from when I was a kid". Call and let us create some memories for your group.

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We have a program to meet your needs...