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 Mr. J's magic show was completely entertaining to young and old alike. I loved watching all the children erupt with laughter at his antics. The children were thrilled to be a part of the magic.
Linda Bucher
Birthday parties are a blast.  We've been doing them for 15 years now right here in the WNY area. Our programs can last anywhere from 45 minutes to almost 2 hours depending on your specific needs. If your choose our platinum package with both Mr. J and CoCo the clown the only thing you'll have to do is serve the cake and open presents.  It will be our pleasure to create a program tailored to your exact needs.
WARNING  all magicians are not created alike. Just because somebody has an ad in a magazine doesn't mean you'll get a quality program. Check for refrences. make sure they are a full time performer with years of experience. The last thing you want is somebody who entertains for extra cash once or twice a year.  Beware also of NEW performers just starting out. Get somebody with a lot of experience entertaining children. In my case I've been to many of the schools, day cares and libraries right here in WNY. Your child has probably heard of me or seen me somwhere already.  I've performed litertally hundreds of birthday parties most of them right here in WNY. I know how to handle a house full of excited children at a birthday party. Give us a call and benifit from our years of experience. The last thing to be weary of is a performer who won't tell you what they charge for their services. This usually means your going to get a tele-marketer type conversation on the phone with all kinds of preasure. You won't get that from us. We feel your more than mature enough to decide what you want for your child's party. After all who knows them better than you? You can see our prices right here along with an explanation of exactly what you get for your money.
 In some cases the amounts shown below could be higher. This can happen if you live a considerable distance away from us. Milage & traveling expences could apply. Just email us at  and we'll let you know if any of these extra cost apply to you. WNY residents need not worry about this. Your price is as listed below.
To use your credit card to pay for a program click on the Pay Pal add to cart buttons below. Before you use this feature make sure you've talked to us and verified all the details concerning your dates.
Special Not - You'll notice we don't offer a live rabbit production with all of our packages. My years of experience have taught me that many children are allergic to rabbits. That's why we offer non - rabbit packages. Make sure you check with the parents to see if anyone is allergic before booking a package with Half pint the rabbit.
Magic Of Mr. J SILVER Package ($175) - The SILVER package will keep your young audience on the edge of their seats. It features Magic, Puppetry, and a whole lot of fun. Watch as the audience takes an active role in the entire program. Many of them will find themselves up on stage helping Mr. J perform some amazing magic. The looks on the audience faces is priceless.The birthday child is the star of the show. To Purchase click on the add to cart button
Magic Of Mr. J GOLD Package ($195) -  This package includes everything in the SILVER Package + the following additions. The GOLD Package features "Half Pint" the rabbit. That's right, a live Rabbit. the children just love it. .  the special birthday child makes him appear. this program also includes the addition of other magic effect not included in the SILVER Package. Mr. J also takes the time to let each child pet the Rabbit.  To purchase click on the add to cart button below
Magic Of Mr. J & CoCo The Clown PLATINUM Package ($225) - This is not just a program but an event... It starts with CoCo the clown face painting each of the children. Then she marches the children to where the magic show will be held. For the next 45 minutes the magic show takes place which includes the rabbit. After the show is over CoCo makes a balloon animal for each of the children including a special birthday crown for the birthday child.  To Purchase click on the add to cart button below
CoCo The Clown show - $175.00  - This show features CoCo The clown doing  a face painting for each of the children followed by  a 15 - 20 minute comedy magic show. CoCo ends by making a balloon animal for each child. Including a special balloon crown for the birthday child.
All this for only  $175.00  To Purchase click on the add to cart button below
 To buy click
Special ad ons - We can supply goodie bags for each of your guest. Each bag contains three magic tricks and  some cool party favors. Imagine each of your quest getting their own little magic show kit they can take home after the party is over. It's a great addition to an already memorable event. each bag cost only $5.00 each . make sure to give us a couple of weeks notice so I can have them all ready for your childs special day.
If the program your interested in is not listed here please email us at

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