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On behalf of the church, and the people we serve. I wish to express our deepest appresciation for helping make this event a reality. and such a huge success! Thank you for your very significant contribution! you guys are quite simply ~ the best! We received countless compliments on your ministry. Thank you for your heart for ministry and the impact that you had on all who listened 
Rev. W. T. Lowery, jr.
It's been our pleasure to present ministry for well over 20 years now.  We can offer single programs for Sunday Schools or full week programs for retreats and camps. Gospel Magic, Clowning, Puppetry, Drama and Story Telling are all part of Mr. J  Ministries. Our whole family participates in this ministry for Christ.
   We like to have fun when present Christ. To many people think that church is a place for feeling bad about yourself and going to sleep. We're intending to show that Jesus has come to offer us Joy to the fullest. You can expect to laugh often during our time with you.
   We're willing to present programs almost anywhere that will allow us the freedom to present Christ as the crucified and risen savior offering forgiveness for sins to anyone who will ask. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

How can we serve your ministry ?